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Our parent company -SIACI SAINT HONORE - has been specializing in mobile employee pension plans for over ten years: they have strong experience in the implementation and administration of international pension plans (€200M in receivables).

What are the challenges raised for companies by pension plans for international employees?

The development of employees’ international mobility may be slowed down by inappropriate employee benefit and pension plans.

There are various types of international careers and their complex nature often requires specific management according to:
  • The employee benefit systems applicable in the different countries of origin and host countries,
  • The type of contract (expatriation, assignment, secondment, local contract, local plus, etc.),
  • And the organizational structure of the employer and of its subsidiaries or offices.
Pension plans for international employees raise many challenges for companies, as they must optimize costs and provide employees with visibility in view of the uncertain future of pension systems in some countries.

In order to anticipate the retirement of your international employees as effectively as possible, it is essential that appropriate HR systems are designed as of now.
Which service do you require?


Design of international pension plans (IPP):
  • Audits of policies or packages available to the target population
  • Identification of shortfalls upon leaving for or returning from an international assignment
  • Location assistance
  • Drafting of the plan regulations: benchmarking, recommendations for premium rates, drafting of the regulations
  • Call for tenders to select IPP service providers
  • Employee communication for information purposes
Mobipension: an international pension plan package
  • Plan created for a limited workforce: < 10 employees
  • Benchmarks on the plan’s competitiveness, web conferences with the plan’s members, administrative and financial reporting for companies, etc.  
SIACI SAINT HONORE offers benefits to suit a wide range of situations :
  • A single solution for all types of mobility
  • Continued enrollment in a pension fund in the event of repeated mobile assignments
  • Modular premiums: premium scale per situation type
  • A diversified financial offer
  • Flexibility with regard to the covered workforce
  • Option to use the plan for pension provision or as a long-term incentive
Training on expatriate pensions:
  • Statutory and supplementary plans
  • Approved training organization
  • Sessions within or between companies
Individual pensions assessments:  
  • Career reconstitution
  • Simulation of future pension benefits
  • Objective assessments of pension entitlements to support mobility package negotiations
  • Each employee receives a full information pack including benefits, regulations in force, etc.
How we assist you?

Leveraging our international network and our extensive experience, we are able to provide you with real solutions to any issues relating to your expatriates’ pensions.

Our seasoned expertise in expatriate pension plans enables us to provide our clients with benchmarks and a wide range of feedback tools.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that employers’ expatriate pension risks are monitored while the solutions are implemented to meet the company’s requirements.

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